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Lots of great names, their origins and their meanings to choose from! pick the meaning to suit your character!

Adam -Hebrew- Red earth

Ailen - Gaelic -Fire

Blaize - Latin -Stuttering

Brody -Norse - Brother

Chay -English -Man

Conrad -German -Wise adviser

Derwin - German - Animal lover

Eldridge -English -Wise adviser

Fontayne -English -Spring water

Goran - Greek -Farmer

Marden - English - Meadow near the water

Niam -Irish -Champion

Sol -Latin -The sun

Tate - English - Cheerful

Ward -English - Watchman

Aidan - Gaelic - Fire

Atherton -English -Spring village

Conan - Celtic - Mighty and wise

Cosmo - Greek -Universe

Deron -English -Water

Draigh - Welsh - Dragon

Dylan - Welsh - The sea god

Eiran - Irish - Peace

Forrest -Latin- Woods

Innis -Gaelic -Island

Kayne -Celtic -Bright and fair

Marsden -English -Pasture land near the sea

Mistral -French -Cold mediterranean wind

Mortimer -French -Stagnant water

Reuben - Hebrew - Behold a son

Wentworth - English -cottage in winter

Allard - German - Noble, enduring

Anan -Hebrew -Cloud

Beck -Celtic -A lonesome brook searching for a

Blase - Latin -Stuttering

Barrett -German -Strong as a bear

Darnell -French -Beloved

Dillon - Gaelic - Faithful

Duncan - Celtic -Dark warrior

Frewin - English - Free noble, friend

Galen -Greek - Tranquil

Leland - English -Shelter

Magnus- Latin -Great

Summerton - English -Summer settlement

Tade -Aramaic -Gift of god

Aaron - Hebrew - Enlightened

Cade -Welsh- Battle

Cullen - Celtic - Handsome

Daegal -unknown -meaning uncertain

Dashiel -French -Ash tree of the elves

David -Hebrew -Beloved one

Earthan -English -of the earth

Ewart -French -One who serves water

Kaine -Welsh - Beautiful

Lazar -Arabic -Best appearance

Llewellyn -Welsh- Like a lion

Lucius - Latin -Light

Luke -Latin - Light

Osran -unknown -meaning uncertain

Snowden - English -Place sheltered from snow

Torin -Latin -Tender

Washington - English -Watery site

Wayde -Anglo-saxon - Wanderer

Ballard -English -Dancing song

Brady -Irish -Spirited One

Brenainn - Irish - Sword

Derrick - German - Ruler

Elfed - Welsh -Autumn

Gaian -Greek - Child of earth

Jasion -Greek - meaning uncertain

Kelsey - German -From the water

Killian -Irish -War

Laris -Latin -Cheerful

Leander -Greek- Lion man

Leif -Norse - meaning uncertain

Thayer - German - Nation's army

Trent -Welsh/Irish -Journey through

Vivian -Latin - Alive

Xenos -Greek - Stranger

Zander - Greek - World protector

Zohar -Hebrew -Radiant light

Adar -Hebrew -Fire

Daibheid -Irish - Beloved

Dilwyn - unknown -meaning uncertain

Emlyn - Latin -Charming

Griffin -Greek -A mythical Creature

Heath -English -Wasteland, heath

Mars -Roman- God of war

Merrill -Irish -Sea-bright

Michael -Hebrew - Like unto the Lord

Shea -Celtic -Fairy place

Troy -Irish- Foot soldier

Ao -Maori - Planet earth

Calder - Celtic - Stony river

Chalfont -English -Spring

Chalmers -Teutonic - Lord of the manor

Damek - unknown -meaning uncertain

Derek - Teutonic -Ruler of the people

Douglas -Gaelic -From the dark waters

Eliphas -Greek - meaning unknown

Erik -German -Honourable ruler

Finn -Irish- Fair

Galahad - English-One of King Arthur's Knights who was a
real gentleman

Jorah - Hebrew - Autumn rain

Kadir -Arabian -Green

Keanu -Hawaiian -Cool breeze over the mountains

Lindsey -English -Lindon trees near the water

Mark -Latin - Warlike

Tiordan -Gaelic -King's poet

Seth -Hebrew -Appointed by God

Wolfe- Teutonic -Wolf

Xavier- Spanish -Bright

Adonis- Greek - Beautiful youth

Aindreas -Irish - Manly

Alaric - German - Noble ruler

Azriel - Hebrew - Angel of the Lord

Bevan -Welsh - Warrior's son

Bram -Gaelic -Raven

Callum - Celtic - Dove

Cornelius -Latin - Battle-horn

Dallan - Celtic- Wise

Dante -unknown -meaning uncertain

Freeman -English - Born free

Gerard - German - Spear-brave

Keith -Gaelic -The wind

Marc -French -War-like

Orion - Greek -Hunter

Regan - unknown -meaning uncertain

Saul - Hebrew - Ask for'

Ulrich - Danish - Wolf

Aeneas - Greek - Praiseworthy

Alastair -Greek - World protector

Chilton -English- Village spring

Darius - Greek - Wealthy

Devin - Celtic - Poet

Elwin -English -Friend of the elves

Gabriel -Hebrew -God is my strength

Nicholas -Greek - Victory of the people

Paxton - German - Traveller from a distant land

Rehan -unknown -meaning uncertain

Rodney- Teutonic - Island Clearing

Zen -Japanese -Meditation

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