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My book reviews!!

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My book reviews!!

my reviews of my latest reads!!!!

Garth nix series: the old kingdom
a story crackling with magic and excitement! Sabriel is an absolute winner from garth nix. it is everything i could ever want a book to be. full to the brim with magic, danger and adventure. also, a little hint of romance and tradgedy. i give this book 10/10
a tale of companionship and new characters. lirael introduces the new twists to the world of nix's world of magic. a whole new adventure. i also give this book 10/10
I just could not put this book down! event after event kept me hooked, wanting more! this book introduced new and old dangers, strange aquaintences, and a long lost family line.
It reveals new identities of old characters and brings the bells to life. yet again, i find my self dishing out more 10/10's to nix.

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