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writers hideaway is a buzzing place of creativity. it is a place to show off your own works and view others too. we collect long stories, short stories, riddles, songs, poems and haikus. We have loads of names of all varieties from witches to fairies and from elves to hippies. you can read reviews aswell as enter them, read our updates and check out our offers. So, WELCOME!!! YAY!! I am friendly but slightly crazy, so beware!! lol. well, neomail me!! (HUGS!!) xxsihirixx

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Red Rose, Spinning

If you haven't already got an account on neopets, i urge you to get one!!! neopets is fast, free and FABULOUS!!! y'know.

if you wish to have your work displayed on writers hide away, neomail sihiri with your work. thanks! (HUGS!) xxsihirixx