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well im sure your all queing up to get to know me, so here goes!

Okay. me.
Name: Lizee (yes its spelt right!)
DOB: 5th July 1992 ( i expect lots of decent prezzies from peeps okay???
favourite band: Green Day
2nd favourite band: system of a down
3rd favourite band: slipknot
4th fave band: audioslave
Favourite legendary bands: mettalica, guns n roses, led zepplin
Interests: (ive limited it to 3)
music- rock (punk, metal)
playing guitar
Ultimate heroes: err... Garth Nix, Phillip Pullman, Chris Paolini (the usual suspects) Billie joe armstrong (duh).
Fittest celeb: BILLIE JOE!!!
Fave colours: pink, black, purple
Fave food: CHOCOLATE
Obsessed with: mushrooms and funny laughs
hates: busted, mcfly... etc.. MARIAH CAREY!!
A word to sum me up: er.... raving?? god i dont know
fave cd: green day, dookie
okay, now you know pretty much everything about me so... just look around!


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if you wish to have your work displayed on writers hide away, neomail sihiri with your work. thanks! (HUGS!) xxsihirixx