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Aelfdane - Danish elf

Aelfdene - from the elfin valley

Alberich -Norse- myth name (a dwarf)

Alfrigg -Norse - myth name (a dwarf)

Alston - Old English -From the Elf's Abode

Alvin -Old English -elf wine, noble friend

Avery,- Aelfric, Aubrey - elf ruler

Brokk- Norse - myth name (dwarf)

Dain -Norse -myth name (a dwarf)

Drake- English - Dragon

Durin -German -Mythical Dwarf

Eitri - Norse -myth name (a dwarf)

Elden, Eldan, Eldon, Ealhdun, Ealdun-from the elves' valley

Elvin -Celtic/Gaelic- Friend of Elves

Elvy, Elvey - elf warrior

Fafnir, Fafner- Norse - myth name (a dragon)

Foster -Latin - Forest Guardian

Genius- myth name (a guardian spirit)

Hefeydd -Celtic -myth name (father of Rhiannon)

Hreidmar -Norse - myth name(dwarf king)

Kalen, Kailen, Kalan, Kallan, Kheelan, Kellen -
Irish/Celtic -warrior

Nidhug, Nidhogg - Norse- myth name (a dragon)

Oberon -From Shakespeare -King of the Fairies

Oren, Orin -Gaelic/Hebrew - Fairy, pale-skinned/pine tree

Puck -From Shakespeare -Currently unknown

Roosevelt -Scandinavian - Field of Roses

Sindri - Norse -myth name (a dwarf)

Suelita -Spanish - Little Lily

Warren - German, English,Teutonic, French - watchman

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