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Enter your short stories here for all to see!!! Neopia related or not, bring em in!!! YAY!!

the beginning of the end by sihiri, yankees68 and ubetchagirl

On a dark and stormy day there was a mysterious figure outside the empty mansion. The mansion was rugged and forbidding with its with smashed windows and a boarded up door. Many times the villagers in the local pub (whilst downing copious amounts of ale), the crooked house had agreed that it was surely haunted.

Macy, a young girl had always dreamed of going inside the mansion, but was too afraid. She stood before the great towering beast in her red raincoat, full of chilling fear. She observed it. As the dark clouds edged further towards the mansion, she saw the figure. The mysterious figure came closer and closer. Terror rooted her to the spot as she realised its feet weren't touching the ground. In alarm she thought, was it only a dream??

Chills ran down her spine, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

She pinched herself on the arm. It hurt. A fresh wave of terror washed over her confusing her afresh.

She hurled herself at a caved in window and climbed through clumsily. She felt a twitch of pain. She saw blood. The thing seemed more eager and sped towards her. She felt its hunger it was pitch black in the room so she couldn't see where she was going.

She heard a scuffling of movement in the corner of the room. She plucked up her courage and whispered

"Hello is anyone here. Any one? Hello?" she glanced at the window and saw the figure outside dipped in moonlight. She listened closely and heard shallow rattling breaths from the other side of the room each breath was like a death rattle. She then realised what had happened. The figure was no longer in the window but was inside the room with her! She looked round. She saw an old stick with a sharp point she grabbed it and waved it at the creature. The creature hissed and reared, but made no attempt to combat her. She attempted to communicate with the unknown being.

What are you? Is what she wanted to ask but instead she asked it,

"Who are you? Why are you here?" when it didn't answer she asked it "where are you from?"

The creature merely stared at her; it seemed to enjoy her voice. There was bitter silence for many long minutes then it finally spoke, its voice sounded like a chorus of nails on a blackboard. It said, "help me"...

this isnt actually a short story, its the begining of a big one...


One day, a poor, red, young Kacheek, named Hailee, went over to Roo Island. Hailee, who was 12 years old, was wearing her best clothes, a dirty, torn shirt, and a pair of pants, which had so many patches, you could not tell the patchwork from the fabric of the pants. Her hair was matted and messy because she could not afford to buy a comb. She carried with her, a lucky charm a faded old photo of her big brother, Sam, who passed on a year and 6 months ago, and a month's worth of allowance, 5 neopoints.

When she arrived at Roo Island, she knew right where she was headed to, Roo Castle. She was going to play Dice-A-Roo to try to win some food for dinner that night. Since she had her lucky charm with her, she felt as if nothing could go wrong.

Hailee walked right up to Roo Castle and bowed before King Roo. “Your majesty, may I play your game of Dice-A-Roo? I have my 5 neopoints right here. I’ve been saving my allowance for a whole month!” She was so pleased with herself.

“Hand me your neopoints and you may play,” answered King Roo.

Hailee handed him her neopoints and bravely marched up to the first die. She looked at her photo and said out loud, “Wish me luck Sam.” She took a deep breath and rolled the first die. **level up**

She couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh of relief. She smiled and thought: This isn’t so hard. I can do this. The second die seemed to call her name as she headed towards it. Again she looked at her photo and said “Wish me luck Sam.” She rolled the die. **Game over, you lose** “What?!?” Hailee cried out. “It’s not fair.” As she turned to face King Roo, she couldn’t stop the tears from falling. “Sir, I mean, Your Majesty, I lost.”

King Roo looked down at her and said, “I admire your honesty. I was looking the other way. Thank you for being so honest. Would you like another turn?”

“Your Majesty, I haven’t any more neopoints,” sighed Hailee.

“It’s free young child. Out of the goodness of my heart, I am giving you a free turn because you were so honest,” smiled King Roo.

“Thank you sir….I mean, thank you King Roo, but I cannot accept your offer. I was honest because that’s how my mother raised me, not because I wanted another turn. Most people as poor as me would have just kept rolling and not told you the truth, but I know that lying is wrong. Thank you for your offer good King Roo, but I just cannot accept it,” and with that, Hailee bid the King goodbye and went on her way.

King Roo closed his mouth and pondered on what the young girl had just told him. It was true that many people would have just kept rolling, and it was true that many people wouldn’t have told him that they had lost. Hmmmm, thought King Roo, perhaps this child has more wisdom than most people twice her age do.

Just along the Shore of Roo Island, Hailee thought she saw something glimmering in the sand. It’s just my imagination, she thought, but it kept right on glimmering and it was really pretty. She picked it up. She didn’t know what she had just found, but it sure was heavy.

Unsure what her prize was, she hurried home with it. She tried to figure out what it was. It was too big to be a pin, but it was too small to be a wall hanging. She decided to call her best friend, a Kougra named Scotty. (Since Hailee’s family didn’t own a phone, she borrowed her next door neighbor’s phone).

“Scotty,” She said, “Can you come over right now? I found something and I don’t know what it is. I’ll show it to you when you get here, okay? Okay. See you soon.” Scotty rushed right over. He and Hailee had been best friends since they were in diapers. Hailee was only eight days older than he was. Since Scotty lived three blocks away from Hailee, it only took him about five minutes to get to her house. He knocked on the door. “Hailee! Hailee! I’m here!”

Hailee’s younger brother, Max, just three years old, opened the door. “Haiwee! You boy fwend is hewa!” The small boy yelled to his big sister.

“Max, I’m not her boyfriend,” protested Scotty, as he walked inside.

“Den wat is you?” Max just would not give up.

“I’m her be--” started Scotty.

“Max, you know he’s my best friend!” Stated Hailee, as she rushed to the door.

“Boy fwend, beff fwend…wuss da diffewence?” Max muttered under his breath as he walked away.

“Sorry about all that, Scotty,” Hailee muttered, as she blushed, and thought: Lucky for me, I’m a red Kacheek; at least Scotty won’t be able to tell that I blush every time I’m around him.

“I’m used to it by now Hailee. How many times have I been over here?”

“Countwess!” Said little Max as he walked by.

Hailee showed Scotty to the room that she shared with her two little sisters. She looked inside. Thankfully, neither Becca nor Lyssa were in the room. Hailee and Scotty went into the small room. Hailee reached under her mattress and pulled out her prize from earlier. She handed it to Scotty. “So, Scotty, what is it?” She figured that Scotty would know because his parents could actually afford to send him off to school. Hailee’s parents could not afford to send any of the nine, soon to be eleven, young Kacheek’s to school. Even thought he had passed on, Hailee still considered Sam a member of her family. First born was Sam, (who would have just turned 20), then Rachel, 14, Hailee, 12, then Becca, 8, Lyssa, 7, then the triplets, Bryan, Codie, and Thomas, all 4 years old. Then came Max, who was only 3. Last, the unborn twins, Libbie and Eve.

Scotty gasped, “I think it’s…It’s… I think it’s a…We’ve gotta get to the library!

The two children ran to the town library. Hailee had no idea what she was looking for, so she stayed out of the way. Scotty picked out a big book. On the cover of the book, it said ‘Know Your Dubloons!’

“Aha! I was right! Look Hailee! Look! You found a one hundred dubloon coin!!! Omigosh! Hailee do you know how much you can sell this for? You’ll be rich Hailee! You and all your siblings will be able to go to school, well not Max, he’s too little... But Max could go to a fancy pre-school!” exclaimed Scotty

“Scotty, what’s the big deal?" Questioned Hailee. "It’s just a shiny thing.”

“JUST A SHINY THING?!?!?!? You’re rich Hailee!”

The librarian came over. In her strict voice, she said "Be quiet or leave! The library is a place for reading, not chit-chat."

"Sorry miss, we'll be quiet." Scotty mumbled.

The two kids thought they heard the librarian say "kids these days..." as she walked back to her desk.

“Wow.” Hailee breathed, once the librarian was out of earshot, “Rich.”

As the two children walked back to Hailee’s house, Hailee noticed a sign, which was just lying on the ground. “Scotty, what’s this say?”

“It says, ‘Lost: One hundred dubloon coin. Reward: 12,000,000 neopoints!’ Hailee, we better return this. Oh, wait, it says something else too. ‘I lost my coin along the Shore of Roo Island.’ Where did you find your coin Hailee?”

“Hmmmm, I had just finished playing Dice-A-Roo. So, yea, it was along the Shore of Roo Island, where I found it.”

Scotty and Hailee ran to the address that was written on the sign. They came to a huge fancy mansion. Hailee blushed, "I hate being poor." Scotty knocked on the door. A large quiggle, wearing a black suit, answered the door.

“Yes, may I help you?” he asked, in a deep voice.

“Sir, I’ve… I mean, we’ve come to return this coin,” Hailee said bravely, as she showed the quiggle the coin.

“Ah, Master Jones has been looking all over for his coin. Please come in, I'm sure he'd like to meet you kids.”

“Come on Scotty,” said Hailee as she followed the quiggle inside. Inside the mansion, it was huge! There were tons of rooms every where.

“Here we are.” smiled the quiggle.

The quiggle led the two children into a big room. In the center of the room sat a small jubjub, crying. “I’m never gonna find my coin! It’s lost, lost, lost! Now daddy’s not gonna trust me and he’s gonna give everything away to my sister!”

“S-s-sir…I found y-y-you’r c-c-coin.” stammered Hailee, looking at the jubjub's fancy clothing and feeling very self-conscience.

“My Coin! MY COIN!!!” The small jubjub was ecstatic. “Oh, sí, I mean yes, your prize!” He left the room for a minute with the big quiggle. They came back, and in the quiggle’s hand was a bag containing 12,000,000 neopoints!!!

Hailee grinned. “Thank you sir, but keep your money!”

“What?” asked Scotty, surprised.

Hailee smiled again, “Money isn’t everything!”

Now the jubjub was confused; money had been the center of his life for as long as he could remember. “But! But! But! But I insist! Here take it. If you don’t want it, then I’m throwing these points away!!!”

Hailee shifted uncomfortably; she hated accepting money, it just didn’t feel right to her. “Well, sir, you really shouldn’t throw those points away...” The jubjub’s hand, holding the neopoints, was directly over the trash bin. Hailee tried again, “Sir, I just... I... It’s like... I hate being poor and -”

“She’ll take the points!” exclaimed Scotty, who had been uncharacteristically quiet this whole time.

“Good,” smiled the jubjub, handing the bag of points to Hailee.

Hailee took the points, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go! I’ve gotta go shopping and tell my Mommy and Daddy about this! Thank you again sir!”

Once they had left the mansion, Scotty looked at Hailee, “I thought you didn’t like accepting money from people.”

“Well,” Hailee began, “he was gonna throw those points in the garbage and I figured, ‘why let 12,000,000 points go to waste?’ So, ya know...” ***********************************************************

In the end: Hailee’s parents were ecstatic: No longer would they be poor. They could finally afford a house big enough for their family. They moved closer to Scotty and his family. Hailee was glad she had accepted the reward; for now, instead of a small trailer, she now lived in a mansion with 6 floors and a swimming pool. Each child had his or her own room, except Libbie and Eve, who were just two weeks old and slept together in the nursery room.

Rachel, Hailee, Becca, Lyssa, Bryan, Codie, and Thomas started going to school. Hailee was in Scotty’s class; she even sat right next to him. Max started going to preschool, and boy did he love it! Both parents found good jobs and hired a full time nanny to watch Libbie and Eve (and Max, when he wasn’t at preschool). Rachel found a part-time job. Best of all (in Hailee opinion) they bought a grave stone for Sam. Hailee, with her new allowance of 50 neopoints a week, instead of 5 a month, saved her allowance for 2 months and bought herself a puppy. She shared it with her whole family. Although Sam, the puppy, was Hailee’s puppy, he took a strange liking to Max, and always slept with him.

Two years after Hailee had accepted the reward, her family had greatly expanded. Rachel was now 16, Hailee, 14, Becca, 10, Lyssa, 9, Bryan, Codie, and Thomas, all 6, Max, 5, Libbie and Eve, 2. Rachel got engaged to her boyfriend, Whit, another Kacheek. Hailee had 6 more siblings: quadruplets: Aaron, Andrew, Alexander, and Aidan, 1 year old, and twins: Caden and Camryn, now 4 months old. Since there were so many kids, Rachel decided to live with her fiancé and Hailee had been living with Scotty’s family. Late one Friday night, Hailee looked Scotty right in the eye and said “Ya know what? I’m glad I decided to accept that reward so long ago.”

Scotty smiled, “Me too Hailee, Me too.”

Right then and there, Hailee, before she could stop herself, leaned foward and kissed Scotty, right on the lips. She pulled away quickly, “Sorry Scotty!”

“It’s ok Hailee. I’ve liked you since I was in second grade. I’ve always wanted to tell you that.”

“I love you Scotty” by hottchik

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