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Brucie -French -forest sprite

Carling -Old English -hill where old women or witches gather

Diana -Roman- Goddess of the woodlands

Donella -Celtic -dark-haired elfin girl

Dulcina -Latin - Rose

Eglantine/ Eglantina - French - wild rose

Elga -Anglo Saxon- Elfin Spear

Ella -Anglo Saxon - Elfin

Ellette -English -Little Elf

Elva/ Elvia/ Elvie/ Elfie/ Elivina/ Elvine/ Elvyne/ Elvin/ Elvina/ Elvena - good elf

Eolande - Celtic/Gaelic - Violet Flower

Erline, Erlina - Anglo Saxon -The Elfin

Gelsey - English - Jasmine

Liliana - Latin - Gracious Lily

Lilli -Latin - Flower

Lilly - Latin -Lily Flower

Lily -Latin - Blossoming flower

Lorelle, Lorrella, Lorilla -Teutonic- elfin Laura

Luella, Louella, Luel - famous elf

Marigold -English -Golden Flower

Maurelle -French -dark and elfin

Naida -water nymph

Nerida - Aboriginal -Flower

Nerida - Greek -Sea nymph

Nissa - brownie, sprite or elf; friendly elf

Nixie -German -Water Sprite

Nyx -German -Sprite

Odile, Odelina, Odiane, Odiana, Odette, Oda, Odila, Ordella, Ordalf -German -elfin spear

Radella, Raedself - elfin counsellor

Raisa -Russian -Rose

Raisie- Celtic/Gaelic- Diminutive of Rose

Rhiannon -Welsh - Witch-Nymph-Goddess

Rhoslyn -Welsh - Lovely rose

Rhoswen -Celtic/Gaelic- White Rose

Rhyannon - Great queen, pure maiden; nymph

Rosa -Latin - Rose, Pink

Rosalba -Latin - White Rose

Rosalie, Rosalia, Rozalia, Rosa - Rose

Rosetta - Little Rose

Rosina - Celtic/Gaelic - little rose

Rossa - Latin - Beautiful flower

Roxanne -Latin- Graceful Rose

Rusalka -Czech- Mermaid/Wood sprite

Susane - French - Lily

Susanna -Latin- Lily

Suzanne -English- Lily

Suzette -French- Little Lily

Zanna - Latin - Lily

Zuzana - Slavic- Rose

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