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POETRY GALORE!!! YAY!!! *does a little happy dance*

When we met

When we met it
it was like a dream
I was in heaven
thats how it seemed
when I was with you
I felt I could fly
Id fly with you
up into the sky
we'd hurtle through the clouds
through the heavens we'd soar
you'd turn and smile
Id love you even more
you had me hooked
Id fallen so deep
you were there when I woke
when I went to sleep...
After a while
I started to wonder
then you changed so quick,
quicker than thunder
thats when it started
the suffering and pain
rolling down my cheeks
tears fell like rain
you had just left me
left me empty and broken
from the heavenly dream
I was sharply awoken
By Sihiri

These words on which life does depend

I feel my life slipping away
Slipping, slipping from today

Falling into the deep abyss
From a place that I will sorely miss

Away from horrors I never saw
Away from lies, hate and war

Away from birds singing in the trees
Away from the soft summer breeze

Away from controversy, human turmoil
Only to rot, rot in the soil

For there is no life in death
So savour life, every last breath

Until it comes to be your last
Your heart ceases, lungs fast

You then become part of the earth
You are in tears, in cries of mirth

Even in death we breathe in life
We live on happiness we live in strife

But the shadow of death is nothing compared
Between millions of dead life’s joys are shared

So the next time you try to bring your life to an end
Remember these words, on which life does depend

By sihiri

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